Momtopia Sew Your Own Cloth Diapers!

The posts have been a bit lean the past few weeks and there is a good reason for that, I have been one busy lady. I had asked Jon for a sewing machine for my birthday and he delivered. It sat on my kitchen table for a little over a week before I worked up the courage to touch it.  I practiced using it by sewing a baby block. A friend of mine makes them and puts ribbon on them like tag blankets. They really are super cute.

I really liked sewing and I knew what I wanted my first project to be, a cloth diaper! I have been addicted to cloth diapers well before I had William. I would watch YouTube videos on how to sew them. So I did a little research and watched a ton of videos and decided to give it a a try. They came out awesome! The friend who makes the blocks suggest that I sew them a a local street market in her booth. I loved the idea.

Earlier this week I had to make up a really nice diaper with an extra soaker pad in it and a few other items such as a wet bag, wipes, breast pads and cloth menstrual pads to take to the committee who juries all entries into the street market. It can take up to a week to hear if an item has been accepted. I had butterflies in my stomach as we arrived and went in. The head of the market happened to be there when I arrived. She took a look at the diapers and approved me on the spot! Furthermore, she asked to borrow the prototype diaper so she could take pictures of it and use it in the market’s promotional materials!

Here is the basket of items we took to the Committee. My friend makes the beautiful quilts and clothes.

I could not believe it, the diapers were a huge hit. So my dear friend and I will be selling all sorts of the sweetest baby things at the market this summer.  The market meets every Saturday and is very upscale. I am so excited. Everyone thinks that the diapers are going to be a smash hit. I am so grateful to my friend for letting me be a part of this and sharing her booth with me.

I just hope that I can get enough diapers made before the market starts to stay ahead of the demand. I am going to try to have 100 diapers done for the start of the market. That is a lot of sewing. I also need to have a good supply of the other items I will be selling at the market done in time. I am going to be one busy mamma! I am so pleased that I went with my gut and tried to sew one of these diapers, now I’ve got it down to a science. I must say that William makes the cutest test subject ever! I tried a diaper out on him to make sure they work properly and don’t leak.

The diaper factory has begun!

I wish I would have been able to cloth diaper William from birth but the initial cost of cloth diapering was a hinderance. Washing the diapers also became an issue once it was determined that William would be coming by C-section as my laundry room is in my basement, and you are supposed to avoid stairs after a C-section. I know though what to expect after that surgery and I will be cloth diapering from day one with our next child. (Not pregnant right now.)

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